The Story behind Two Traveling Texans

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It is fitting we met on a bachelorette party weekend trip when our mutual friend, Courtney, paired us up as roommates at the W Hotel in Austin.  Coming from rival schools we were a little apprehensive, but we immediately hit it off.  We learned right away that we were compatible, at least travel-wise.  We are both morning people who like to stay active and we have a lot of fun together.

Anisa and Katherine are Two Traveling Texans! - "The Story behind Two Traveling Texans"
Anisa and Katherine are Two Traveling Texans!

The idea to start the Two Traveling Texans blog came to us while we were on our second annual trip to St. Martin.  We had been planning the trip for months and had some good ideas of what we wanted to do.

A day trip to Anguilla topped the list.  Katherine did a lot of research but couldn’t really find clear information about the ferry, its schedule or cost.  We also tried asking a few friends but no one could remember the details.  In the end, once we were there we were able to figure it out, but it would have been less stressful and more efficient if we knew more information ahead of time.

For the most part, we plan on blogging about our current trips, things to do, and other travel-related subjects.  Where possible, we will share helpful travel resources like our trip planning checklist or packing guides.  We aim to provide clear, detailed, and useful information.

We will try to make our posts easy to read and throw in funny stories when we can.  To help you to get the key points, we will list expert tips at the bottom of each blog post and add hyperlinks wherever possible.  If you have questions about something we have covered or if there is a travel topic you would like us to cover, please leave a comment.  We want the blog to be interactive.

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Happy Travels,

Anisa and Katherine

Note: Due to other commitments, Katherine has taken a step back and no longer able to be very involved in the Two Traveling Texans blog. Russell has stepped in to be the other “Traveling Texan.”

good friends good wine good times - "The Story behind Two Traveling Texans"

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