Neist Point Lighthouse: Best Sunset on Isle of Skye?

The sheep make Neist Point even more special. - "Neist Point Lighthouse: Best Sunset Spot on Isle of Skye?" - Two Traveling Texans
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One of my favorite things to do is watch the sunset.  There is just something relaxing about it and I never cease to be amazed by Mother Nature.  

I try to plan some sunset time whenever I travel.  When I was researching my trip to Isle of Skye, Scotland, I read that by the Neist Point Lighthouse was the best place to watch the sunset. I wanted to see it for myself!

After going to Neist Point, I can confidently say you need to add it to your itinerary.  Let me tell you about our experience and give you some tips for visiting Neist Point.

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The Neist Point Lighthouse with the sun trying to shine through the clouds. -
The Neist Point Lighthouse with the sun trying to shine through the clouds.

Driving to Neist Point

Neist Point is located on the most westerly tip of Isle of Skye near the township of Glendale.  It was about a 40-minute drive from the B&B where we were staying or about an hour from Portree. 

The drive there was quite an adventure.  Since it is on an isolated part of the island, you have to go on one lane roads to get there.  

This road is meant for two way traffic but it is barely wide enough for one car. -
This road is meant for two way traffic but it is barely wide enough for one car.

Yes, one lane roads for two way traffic! If you happen to see someone coming from the opposite direction you have to wait by one of the passing places to allow them to go by.  Plus, the road was winding up some pretty steep hills.  Luckily, Russell had experience with roads like this, but it still made me nervous. (Check out these tips for driving in the UK.)

Just a few minutes before we reached our destination, it started pouring.  We debated about just going back to the B&B, since we wouldn’t be able to see the sunset with this weather.  I know in Scotland the weather can change quickly,  and we had driven all the way there so we thought we should at least explore a bit.

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Even with the bad weather, Neist Point is a beautiful place. -
Even with the bad weather, Neist Point is a beautiful place.

Hiking to the Neist Point Lighthouse

We put on our rain jackets and got out of the car.  It was rough out there, very windy and heavy rain.  We headed to the beginning of the trail. 

The Neist Point hike starts with lots of steep steps going down.  Again I was tempted to turn around but we had come all the way there, plus the scenery was so beautiful.  We started down the steps holding on tight to the handrail.  

A few minutes later the rain miraculously stopped!  All of a sudden the stairs didn’t look quite as steep.  Once we got to the bottom of the steps, it was an easy walk to the Neist lighthouse through sheep pastures.  

Well not sure if it was a pasture, there were sheep roaming freely around us.   I loved watching the sheep.  They seemed like they were trying to talk to us and some had personality!

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The path goes right by the sheep. -
The path goes right by the sheep.

We came to see the Neist Point sunset but I didn’t realize how beautiful the area was going to be in its own right.  The cliffs were absolutely stunning and reminded me of the west coast of Ireland.  I loved the intense green with all the sheep too.  Pictures don’t do it justice!  So even if you can’t make it at sunset time, I would definitely add the Neist Point Lighthouse walk to your Isle of Skye Itinerary.

I love the rugged coastline. -
I love the rugged coastline.

More About the Neist Point Lighthouse

The Isle of Skye has several lighthouses, but some say that the Neist Point Lighthouse is the most dramatic.  It was built in 1900 and has since been updated to an automated lighting system.  The light is 140 feet above sea level and can be seen up to 16 nautical miles offshore.   

The keeper’s cottages that surround the Neist Lighthouse main tower are privately owned.  For a few years, they were holiday rentals, but they don’t seem to have been used for a while.  If someone would fix them up again, I would love to spend a weekend staying at the Neist Point lighthouse bed and breakfast!  How neat would it be to sleep inside one of the most famous lighthouses in Skye!

You can see the Neist Point Lighthouse in the distance. -
You can see the Neist Point Lighthouse in the distance.

It’s about a 20-minute walk, not counting time for pictures, from the parking lot to the Neist Point lighthouse.  You use the same path to return to your car.  

The only part that is difficult is climbing the stairs back up to the parking lot.  There is a nice handrail, but the stairs are steep.  Please be careful hiking to this Skye lighthouse if the weather conditions are not ideal.

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The sheep make Neist Point even more special. -
The sheep make Neist Point even more special.

Was it the Best Sunset?

It ended up being a bit too cloudy for us to get a good sunset.  Still, I enjoyed my visit.  

The area is so beautiful and definitely doesn’t need a sunset to make the visit worthwhile.  I will definitely go back to Neist Point next time I am on the Isle of Skye and see if I can catch the lighthouse at sunset.  I would also like to visit the other Isle of Skye lighthouses. 

Is Neist Point Worth Visiting?

Yes.  It’s free to go to Neist Point (including parking), so it will only cost you time.  I think it’s time well spent.

The drive is a little nerve racking at times, but the scenery will make you glad you came even if it is too cloudy to see the sunset.  Once you get past the stairs it’s a fairy easy walk with views that you won’t soon forget.  When we went it wasn’t crowded, so it was definitely romantic.

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What to Bring When You Visit Neist Point

Neist Point is a remote location on the Isle of Skye so you will want to come prepared.

While it’s not a very challenging hike, you should still wear tennis shoes or hiking shoes for the steep stairs in the beginning.  I don’t think you need hiking poles or anything like that though.

The winds can be strong so it’s probably smart to wear a jacket and given that it could rain at any moment in Scotland, one with a hood.

As with other hikes, it’s a good idea to bring along water in a reuseable bottle (to be good to the environment).  If you want to eat, you will need to bring your own food as their are no facilities nearby.

You also want to be sure to bring your camera so that you can capture the beautiful scenery and sunset.  We use the Sony A6000, but you might want to use a newer version.

Another Isle of Skye Sunset Spot

I have also heard that Talisker Beach is a lovely spot to watch the sunset on Skye. It’s about a 35-minute drive from Portree to the Talisker Beach parking lot, then it’s a 20-minute easy walk to the beach.

What other sunset watching places do you have on your list? I would love to hear about them in the comments.


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Expert Tips for Visiting the Neist Point Lighthouse, Scotland

  • Be prepared for the single lane road that you have to drive on to get to Neist Point Scotland.  Make sure you understand the driving rules.
  • Wear proper shoes as the beginning and end of the hike are steep.
  • Neist Point is worth a visit even if you can’t make it for sunset.
  • Allow 1-2 hours for your visit.

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