We have both been to some topless and nude beaches before.  A nude beach can range from one where you occasionally see topless women (Miami’s South Beach or the beach at the Sheraton Algarve in Albufeira, Portugal) to one where there are a mix of topless women, fully nude individuals, and those wearing clothes (many beaches in the Caribbean).  And then at the south end of Orient Bay in St. Martin, there is Club Orient where almost everyone is in their birthday suit.

Since we were staying on Orient Beach, our morning walk would take us through Club Orient, one of the best known nudist resorts in the Caribbean.  Men significantly outnumbered the women at this resort and we would estimate the vast majority of the clientele was over 50 years old. We saw all sorts of body types, skin colors, sunburns, and hair styles. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and carrying on as if nothing were different. It was clear they were comfortable in their own skin, no one really seemed shy about it. One guy even sat spread eagle on his lounge chair.

View of Orient Beach from our vacation rental - "Nude Beach Observations" - Two Traveling Texans
View of Orient Beach from our vacation rental

At first, we felt a little uncomfortable and concerned that others might think that we were being disrespectful by being clothed at a nude beach. In our experience, no one really cared that we kept our clothes on.  We felt reassured that some of the workers at the resort were fully clothed as well.

Still, for us, we weren’t sure the best way to act around the other guests. Is it ok to look at them – they are naked? At first, we tried to act like we didn’t see them. But most would say hi as they passed us, so it would be rude to not at least make eye contact and acknowledge them, right? There is definitely a difference between making eye contact and looking and gawking. The more people that we passed the more comfortable we felt. They chose to come to this nude beach in St. Martin and avoid tan lines, and are comfortable in their decision, so we should treat them as we would other beach goers.

However, we were hesitant to go out of the way to speak to a naked person. We walked past a couple that had a Texas A&M flag in the sand by their beach chair. Ordinarily, I would have gone up to them and said gig ’em and perhaps started a conversation, but since they were naked and we were clothed, I instead opted for a gig ’em hand signal and continued down the beach.

Also, as soon as you entered the resort there were signs banning photography.  Some people may argue since it is a public beach photography should be allowed. We disagree and would not support any nude beach photography.

It is common courtesy to be respectful and not photograph those that choose not to wear clothes on a beach (sorry paparazzi).Click To Tweet

Lastly, just because you are on a Caribbean island, it is not appropriate to go wherever you want topless (especially as a woman). We did spot a topless woman sitting at Sunset Bar on Maho Beach. We think that was taking things a little too far.

By the last day of our Orient Beach vacation, we felt much more comfortable on our morning walks although we probably will not be staying at a nude beach resort anytime soon. Have you ever gone to a nude beach? We would love to hear about your nude beach adventures.


Expert Tips:

  • It is ok for you to be at a nude beach and keep your clothes on.
  • If you are going to partake in a nude beach adventure, remember to pack extra sunblock!
Nude Beach Observations in St. Martin
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    1. We did think about it but in the end felt most comfortable with our bathing suits on. Each person probably feels differently. I think it has a lot to do with how/where you were raised. In Texas (outside of Austin), nude beaches are very taboo.

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