Why You Must Do the Ring of Kerry Drive at Least Once

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The Ring of Kerry drive in Ireland has been on my bucket list since my first trip to Ireland over 10 years ago.  I was excited to finally get the chance to experience it for myself.  I knew it would be a scenic road trip with lots of interesting places to stop along the way.

In spite of my research, we weren’t sure which places were worth visiting along the way.  We had trouble finding detailed information to plan our Ring of Kerry itinerary. After exploring the area, I can give you some recommendations for your road trip.

In this post, I will share some of the best things to see on the Ring of Kerry and other helpful planning tips.  While this is not a comprehensive list of every attraction in Kerry, it will keep you entertained for at least a few days! If you don’t have a few days enjoy the time you have. 

For us, once around the Ring of Kerry was not enough.  We hope to make it back to see more.

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So many stunning views along the Ring of Kerry! - "Why You Must Do the Ring of Kerry at Least Once in Your Lifetime" - Two Traveling Texans
So many stunning views along the Ring of Kerry!

What is the Ring of Kerry?

The Ring of Kerry is a 111-mile circular scenic drive in the southwestern part of Ireland.  It goes along the dramatic coast and through rugged mountains and cute towns.  Many visitors plan on driving the Ring of Kerry in one day.  You will want to make many stops for photos and exploring so allocate more time if possible.

The first thing you learn when you are reading any Ring of Kerry guide is to drive counter-clockwise around the circle.  We went at the very tail end of the season (1st weekend in October) so there wasn’t much traffic, but I have heard this is not the case in the summer, so be prepared.  (If you are planning on going in the summer, you with find this Ireland Packing List helpful).

I should also mention that the Ring of Kerry is not an easy drive.  The roads are narrow and in some places steep, similar to what we dealt with on the Isle of Skye.  Additionally, in Ireland, they drive on the left side of the road and have roundabouts.  Lucky for me, Russell is British so used to that type of driving in the UK.  (Read more about driving in Ireland)

Where is the Ring of Kerry?

The Ring of Kerry goes around the Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry in southwestern Ireland.  Most people start the drive in the town of Killarney, which is about a three and half hour drive (191 miles) southwest from Dublin.  It goes by Killorglin, Glenbeigh, Cahersiveen, Caherdaniel, Sneem, Kenmare, Moll’s Gap, And Killarney National Park.

Check out this list to find the best places to stay when you are doing the Ring of Kerry.

Ring of Kerry Highlights

The actual Ring of Kerry drive is not that long (only 111 miles) and can easily be done in a few hours, but you don’t do it justice if you don’t stop along the way and explore.  If you are traveling with the whole family, here are some ideas for things to do on the Ring of Kerry with kids

We tried to stop and see as much as we could.    Here are the points of interest that we stopped at in the order you would come across them driving around the Ring of Kerry counter-clockwise starting in Killarney.

Gap of Dunloe

The Gap of Dunloe is a very scenic area close to the beginning of the Ring of Kerry.  

There are several options of how to explore this area.  Most people either do a Gap of Dunloe hike or take jaunting cars, which are a form of horse pulled carriages.  I wouldn’t recommend taking the jaunting cars after reading about what happened to my fellow blogger, Angie Away.  The weather was a little iffy when we got to the area and we didn’t want to spend too much time at any one place so we decided to explore by car.  

I would not recommend this approach either unless you are a very experienced driver – thank goodness I have Russell!  The Gap of Dunloe road is very narrow, winding, and hilly.  It is only one lane wide but it is for two way traffic.  So depending on where you meet someone coming the other way, you may have to do some reversing.

We really enjoyed exploring the Gap of Dunloe, it is such a beautiful area. - "Why You Must Do the Ring of Kerry at Least Once in Your Lifetime" - Two Traveling Texans
We enjoyed exploring the Gap of Dunloe, it is such a beautiful area.

I was stressed even as the passenger, but the views were worth it.  The mountains are so pretty and rugged.  Plus we saw some sheep.  Oh and we also almost had a head-on collision with a cow.  Yes, there was a man walking his cow on the road.  Luckily Russell was able to slow down, but we both got a good scare.  

We got a little lost, went through Molls Gap, and rejoined the Ring of Kerry road in the wrong place.  We had to backtrack a little to get where we wanted to go.  I think if I went back and the weather was good I would like to do some hiking in Gap of Dunloe or maybe even a tour of the area.

I would love to go back and do some hiking in the Gap of Dunloe. - "Why You Must Do the Ring of Kerry at Least Once in Your Lifetime" - Two Traveling Texans
I would love to go back and do some hiking in the Gap of Dunloe.

Stone Forts

There are several different rock forts in Kerry, but we stopped to see Cahergal & Leacanabuaile.  Well, it was kind of by accident that we found them.  I saw a sign to turn off for the Ballycarberry Castle and you probably know I am a sucker for a castle.  

Can you spot the stone fort? It really blends into the scenery. - "Why You Must Do the Ring of Kerry at Least Once in Your Lifetime" - Two Traveling Texans
Can you spot the stone fort? It blends into the scenery.

Well before we saw the Ring of Kerry castle, the stone forts caught our eye.  There was a parking lot on the side of the road, so we parked there and made the short walk to each fort.

The Cahergal Stone Fort, which is located closer to the road, was built in 600 AD.  The Leacanabuaile Stone Fort is located on the hillside and probably dates back to 800 AD.  You can go inside both forts and admire the stonework.  The Cahergal Stone fort has some steep stairs inside so you can climb to the top.

Russell climbed the stone fort to get some pictures. - "Why You Must Do the Ring of Kerry at Least Once in Your Lifetime" - Two Traveling Texans
Russell climbed the stone fort to get some pictures.

To find the forts turn off the Ring of Kerry and pass the Old Barracks in Cahirciveen, continue over the bridge, and turn left at the next crossroads.  The forts are located approximately two miles down the road in the direction of Ballycarberry castle.

Valentia Island

Valentia Island is located a half a mile off the Ring of Kerry road and measures seven miles long by three miles wide. To get to Valentia Island, we took the car ferry which runs about every 10 minutes from Knightstown.

The view from the lighthouse on Valentia island. - "Why You Must Do the Ring of Kerry at Least Once in Your Lifetime" - Two Traveling Texans
The view from the lighthouse on Valentia island.

There are several points of interest on Valentia Island, but I had two that I wanted to see.  Unfortunately, the famous ice cream shop, the Farmhouse Dairy is only open in the summer, so we didn’t get to try any.  

I also wanted to see the lighthouse.  The road to the lighthouse was very curvy, steep, and narrow, and again would only recommend it for experienced drivers.  The lighthouse is beautiful and the views are worth the stress of that road.

If you prefer, you could discover the wonders of Valentia Island from a unique perspective on this captivating 90-minute boat tour. Delve into the island’s rich history, see mysterious caves, marvel at majestic cliffs, and encounter fascinating wildlife during this immersive experience on the water. Don’t miss the chance to unveil the secrets of Valentia Island on this unforgettable boat tour!


Ring of Kerry Cliffs

I was impressed by the Kerry Cliffs, which are definitely well worth the €4 per person entry fee.  The cliffs are located a little bit off the Ring of Kerry road.   Then it’s about a 10-minute walk from the parking lot.  The walk to the cliffs is easy and there are some stone igloo replicas that you can see on the way.

I was pretty impressed with the Kerry Cliffs!- "Why You Must Do the Ring of Kerry at Least Once in Your Lifetime" - Two Traveling Texans
I was pretty impressed with the Kerry Cliffs!

We were lucky that the weather cooperated and it stayed dry.  Still, as we got closer to the cliffs it got windy.  It’s worth walking along the cliffs though, as they reminded me a bit of the Cliffs of Moher.  It might have been my favorite of our Ring of Kerry stops, the views were just stunning and I loved the rugged landscape.

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Killarney National Park

The last section of the drive goes through Killarney National Park, which is absolutely beautiful.  You can easily spend a whole day here.  There is the Muckross House, Ross Castle, Torc Waterfall, and more.  Check out my post about Killarney National Park for more information on how to spend your time there. 

Ross Castle
Ross Castle is in ruins, but still worth exploring if you have time at Killarney National Park.

More Ideas for the Ring of Kerry

We didn’t have time to see everything that we wanted to along the Ring of Kerry route, so if you have longer you might want to consider some of these options.

Skellig Michael Island

It is not easy to get to Skellig Michael.  Only a few boats can land on the island each day during the summer season.  Plus, the weather and tide have to be just right or they won’t be able to.  If you want to do this type of tour, you need to book in advance because it is very popular.

This was a close as we got to Skelig Michael. You can see it way off in the distance. - "Why You Must Do the Ring of Kerry at Least Once in Your Lifetime" - Two Traveling Texans
This was a close as we got to Skelig Michael. You can see it way off in the distance.

A Christian monastery was founded on the island sometime between the 6th and 8th century and then was abandoned in the late 12th century. You have to climb about 600 steps to get the monastery.  The remains of the monastery and most of the island became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.  Skellig Michael has also been featured in the Star Wars movies.

If the landing tours are booked, you can still discover the Skellig Islands’ on this three-hour boat tour. It sails past Kerry Cliffs and Puffin Island to witness the breathtaking Sceilig Mhichíl and Sceilig Bheag. You may also encounter abundant wildlife, including dolphins and whales.  Check availability below.



Cute Towns in Kerry

In addition to Killarney where we stayed, we passed through several cute towns like Waterville, Sneem, and Kenmare, that I would like to explore more.  It might even be nice to stay in one of them.  

Ring of Kerry Video

We enjoyed our time in Kerry and definitely plan on going back.  Check out the short video so you can see some of the best parts of the Ring of Kerry and also get a better idea of what driving the Ring of Kerry is like.  

Ring of Kerry Tour

If you are concerned about driving on the Ring of Kerry roads, that doesn’t mean you can’t visit the area.  You just need to find someone else to be your driver.  If no one in your group is comfortable driving, there are plenty of tour options including a Ring of Kerry Bus tour like this one.  That way you can relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

If you don’t want to worry about traveling to Killarney on your own, there are some Ring of Kerry tours from Dublin, like this option on Viator.  Keep in mind that it takes about three hours to travel from Dublin to Kerry, so that will eat into the time that you get to see the Ring of Kerry.

Is the Ring of Kerry Worth It?

Yes! We enjoyed our Ring of Kerry road trip.  It’s such a scenic area and there are so many interesting places to explore.  I wish we would have had another day or two, but hopefully, I can make it back to Kerry, Ireland.

Have you done the Ring of Kerry drive? What were some of your favorite Ring of Kerry sights?


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Expert Tips for Planning Your Ring of Kerry Itinerary

  • Come with an experienced driver who is comfortable driving on the left and on narrow roads.
  • Be sure to get out of the car and explore as much as you can, there is plenty to see!
  • If you want to visit Skellig Michael, book it in advance!
  • If you want to see more of Ireland (which I highly recommend), check out these Ireland itineraries.

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