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Colmar Wine Tasting - Alsace Vineyards
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Colmar is a storybook town in the Alsace region of France.  It is known for its colorful half-timbered buildings, rich food, and wine.  We thought it would be a romantic place to spend a few days.

There is a lot to see in Colmar, but we still wanted to learn about the wine too.  Let me tell you more about the area’s wine and how we created our own Colmar Wine Tasting tour.

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Alsatian wine with dinner
Of course, we had to try some more of the Alsatian wine with dinner!

About Alsatian Wine

The Alsace region is known for its white wines that are aromatic, floral and spicy.  Along with Austria and Germany, it produces some of the best dry Rieslings in the world, which happen to be one of my favorites!  Alsatian wine makers also excel with their Gewürztraminers and Pinot Gris. We also enjoyed their sparkling wines.

I loved all the wines we tried and they were very reasonably priced.  I wish I had checked a bag so that I could have brought some home with me.  Unfortunately, shipping the wines back would have been too expensive.

vineyards in the Alsace
Acres and acres of vineyards in the Alsace!

The Alsatian Wine Route

The Alsatian Wine Route is a 105-mile journey through the region’s wine producing areas from Marlenheim to Thann.  In addition to Colmar, the route also goes through the picturesque towns of Obernai, Riquewihr, Ribeauvillé, Barr, Eguisheim, and Dambach-la-Ville.  To fully experience this wine trail, you would probably need at least two weeks! I hope to come back and do a road trip in the area. It could also be a nice area for a biking vacation.  You can find more information about the wine route here.

Colmar is such a picturesque town!

Our Colmar Wine Tour Plan

It was our first time in the Alsace region and we only had a weekend.  I knew I wanted to learn more about the wines and of course, taste as many as I could, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend a day (or even half a day) outside the city.

Instead, I found three places where you could do a wine tasting in the Colmar city center. We decided to do our own self-guided Colmar wine tasting tour. That way we could see other Colmar attractions, get more pictures of this fairytale town, and still get to learn about and taste Alsatian wine.

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Places That Do Wine Tasting in the Colmar City Center

All the wine tasting spots in Colmar are easy walking distance from each other.  You can visit them consecutively or fit them in between visiting other tourist attractions.   Reservations are not required, you can just show up and ask for a tasting. Charges vary depending on how many wines you would like to taste and the wines chosen.
Google Map of colmar

If you would like to go to more than three wineries, you can also visit Cave Wolfberger, which is just outside the Colmar city center.  It’s a short a taxi (or uber) ride or about a 30-minute walk.

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Domaine Viticole de la ville de Colmar

While the vineyards for Domaine Viticole may be outside the city center, they have a wine store (actually two) in the heart of Colmar that offer tastings.  You do the tasting at the counter and the wines are excellent quality. You can read more about their wines here.

We went to the location at 27 Grand’Rue.  Its hours are Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm with a break from 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm for lunch.  On Saturday, they are open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm with a break from 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm for lunch.

They also have a store at 2 Rue du Stauffen which is open Tuesday to Friday from 9.30 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am 5:00 pm.  Like the other location, they close from 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm for lunch.

Domaine Viticole de la ville de Colmar
Domaine Viticole de la ville de Colmar is located on one of the main streets in Colmar.

Domaine Robert Karcher et Fils

Domaine Robert Karcher is a family-run wine tasting room a little off the main street in Colmar.  In 1956, Robert Karcher, turned the farm family farm into a vineyard. In 1991, Georges and his wife Nathalie took over the business. Now, in addition to the wine, they also run three holiday cottages.  You can read more about Domaine Robert Karcher here.

We did our wine-tasting at the counter, but they have some wooden tables where you can sit and enjoy the wine.  They let you choose which wines to include in the tasting and each person can try different wines.

The store is located at 11 rue de l’ours.  Their hours are Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm to 7:00 pm.  On Sundays, they are open from 8:00 to noon.

Maison Martin Jund

Maison Martin Jund is a family-run guest house and winery.  The Jund family came to the Alsace from Austria at the beginning of the 16th century.  Their wines are all organic meaning they do NOT use herbicides, fertilizers and or any other synthetic chemicals.  You can read more about their wines here.

It was a nice day, so we decided to have our tasting in the courtyard.  It was so peaceful and there was a nice fountain. Our hostess brought our wines to us and gave us a nice overview of each one.  We took our time and enjoyed the wines. We could have opted to have cheese with our wine but we decided to save room for our dinner.

Selfie wine tasting in the garden at Maison Martin Jund.
Selfie wine tasting in the garden at Maison Martin Jund.

If you have extra time (about 3 hours) Maison Martin Jund will take you in a mini bus to some of their vineyards to do tastings there.  They charge € 40 per person and you will need to book in advance here.

Maison Martin Jund is located at 12 Rue de l’Ange.  Their hours are Monday to Wednesday from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm – 6:30 pm.  From Thursday to Saturday they are open from 10:00 am – 7 pm. On Sundays, they open at 10 am and close at 1 pm.

Cave Wolfberger

Wolfberger is one of the bigger players in French winemaking.  They have just under 3000 acres of vineyards and six different stores located throughout the region.  In addition to their wines, they also have brandies and liqueurs to taste. You can learn more about their offerings here.

The Colmar location for Wolberger wines is located at 5 chemin de la Fecht, which is about a 30-minute walk from the city center. Their opening hours are Monday from 2:00 pm – 6:30 pm and Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 am – 6:30 pm.

US Residents can order their wine from

Guided Wine Tours from Colmar

If you would like to visit a few wineries along the wine route and away from the city of Colmar, then an Alsatian wine tour is definitely the best way to go. There are both half and full day options to choose from.  (Check options available here.)

It would be hard to organize your own tour using public transportation because most of the wineries are not close to train stations.  You won’t have to worry about having to be the designated driver if you join an organized tour.  Doing a guided tour can also be an excellent way to meet other travelers and make new friends.


Other Things to Do in Colmar

For a small town, there is a lot to see.  We went to the Bartholdi Museum, rode the miniature train, visited the churches, and checked out the covered market.  Of course, we also enjoyed trying the Alsatian food. It paired well with the wines. The Toy Museum and Musee Unterlinden are also popular attractions. 

You might also enjoy this free walking tour.

More on my thoughts about things to do in Colmar, coming up on the blog.

Where to Stay in Colmar

If possible, stay within walking distance of the town center.  It makes life easier if you don’t have to take a bus or a train.  Luckily, there are some affordable options.

We stayed at the Pierre & Vacances La Petite Venise, which was about a 10-minute walk from the Petite Venise area.  It was spacious, with modern decor, and had everything we needed. Our room was on the ground floor and we had a nice patio where we could enjoy our breakfast.

Read reviews on Tripadvisor here or check price and availability on here.

bed in Colmar hotel room
A glimpse inside our hotel room in Colmar.

Colmar is one of those places you need to see for yourself.  When you visit, you will have to fit in some time for wine! Have you done any Alsatian wine tastings?


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Expert Tips for Colmar Wine Tasting

  • Visit the wineries in the Colmar city center if you are tight on time.
  • If you can bring a checked bag on your trip to Colmar, you can buy some reasonably priced quality wines to take back home

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