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I first discovered the Shoreditch neighborhood in London on a trip about 6 years ago.  Back then, it was in the middle of its transformation into one of London’s trendiest neighborhoods.

Shoreditch used to be a working-class area, but as companies began to open offices in the area the gentrification began.  Industrial buildings were converted to offices, flats, shops, and even art galleries.

You began to see more trendy restaurants in Shoreditch.  The nightlife and restaurant scene began to boom.  You have so many dining choices now, that I wanted to pull together a list of the best restaurants in Shoreditch.

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Shoreditch Restaurant Scene

In my opinion, Shoreditch rivals Soho as the best food neighborhood in London.  Shoreditch is full of so many great restaurants and you can find lots of different cuisines and unique offerings.

Many of the restaurants are located on or close to Shoreditch High Street or Brick Lane.  The Brick Lane area has a high concentration of good quality Indian food.  When you are visiting London, you must try some Indian Food, according to this Local’s Guide to London.

I love that you can find a lot of great cheap places to eat in Shoreditch, as well as trendy and more upscale restaurants.  No matter your budget or mood, you will be able to find plenty of good restaurants in Shoreditch.

On the weekends, especially in the evenings, I would recommend that you make a reservation, if possible, or be prepared to wait.  Luckily, some of the hotspots with the best food in Shoreditch can be reserved online through Tripadvisor or OpenTable.

The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch

I have only been to a few restaurants in the Shoreditch area and I know there are so many that I still need to try.  For this list, I thought I would reach out to some of my blogger friends to get their recommendations for the best places to eat in Shoreditch.  As I try new restaurants in Shoreditch that I love, I will add them to this post.

Note: Some restaurants have unfortunately closed, but I have kept them on this list at the bottom so that you can have an idea of what other amazing places existed.  Who knows, maybe they will return? We can hope…

The Blues Kitchen

Recommended by Anisa

The huevos rancheros at the Blues Kitchen was delicious! - The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch - Two Traveling Texans
The huevos rancheros at the Blues Kitchen was delicious!

The Blues Kitchen is a southern-style American restaurant that has locations in Shoreditch and Camden.  In the evenings, you can also listen to live music.  We actually visited during brunch which was a bit quieter.  I loved the funky decor, there was even an old-fashioned camper in the back with tables inside it.

Russell had the crab cakes benedict and I had the huevos rancheros.  Mine was delicious, but the crab cakes were some of the best I have ever tasted.  Instead of their boozy brunch option, we opted to have spiked milkshakes for dessert.

I thought the prices were reasonable and the service was excellent, so I will definitely be back.  If you would like to go in the evenings, I would recommend making a reservation for the Blues Kitchen Shoreditch location in advance as it is popular.

Check Tripadvisor Reviews and Make Reservation


Recommended by Laura from The Travelling Stomach

The ever-popular Dishoom brings a touch of Bombay to the streets of Shoreditch. With a range of small plates to enjoy and delicious grilled marinated meats on the menu, you’ll be hit by the smells and sounds of a Bombay café as soon as you walk through the door.

A change from your standard curry houses, Dishoom takes you on a journey to the corners of India to discover new and interesting dishes.  You can also try their take on classic dishes like black daal and biryani.

If you’re coming for dinner though expect to wait a while as there are limited reservations for smaller groups and this reasonably priced gem is worth the wait. My favorite dish – the bacon naan, the best breakfast in the Capital!  Don’t worry there are lots of excellent vegetarian dishes too.

Photo of the Shoreditch Verandah provided by Dishoom - The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch - Two Traveling Texans
Photo of the Shoreditch Verandah provided by Dishoom

Anisa’s thoughts: I have heard so much about Dishoom, it is even included in this itinerary for 3 days in London.  I was planning on going for my birthday last year but the wait was just too long.  It took several tries but I was finally able to get a table and it was worth the wait.

Check Tripadvisor Reviews here for Dishoom here.

Eastern Eye

Recommended by Carole from Paul and Carole Love to Travel

We had an amazing meal at the Eastern Eye on Brick Lane. There are so many to choose from here but the guy at the front of the house did a very good job of persuading us to go in. The offer of a free drink was too good to turn down. Despite how busy the restaurant was we were served promptly and politely.

We chose Garlic Chilli Chicken and Chicken Mushroom and Spinach Balti accompanied by a Naan Bread which was reasonably priced. The food was faultless, and the naan bread was light and airy, the best we had ever had. We have tried other restaurants on Brick Lane but this one definitely stands out from the crowd because of the service and standard of food. We would definitely recommend a visit.

The Naan Bread from Eastern Eye. - The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch - Two Traveling Texans
The Naan Bread from Eastern Eye.

Anisa’s thoughts: I had dinner at Eastern Eye based on their recommendations and it lived up to my high expectations.  This restaurant is now my go-to for traditional Indian food in London.

Check Tripadvisor Reviews for Eastern Eye here.

Galvin La Chapelle

Katie from What’s Katie Doing

Having gained a Michelin star in 2011, Galvin La Chapelle is not the kind of restaurant you just walk into. You definitely need to book ahead and if you are smart you can get a great deal on the set menu.

I went earlier this year with friends for a farewell dinner, it’s definitely good for special occasions like this. We had a three-course set menu for £38 each, including a glass of sparkling wine (additional wine was extra), definitely at the splurge end of the budget.

The food is classic French and delicious, with enough options to satisfy everyone, from fish, game and veggie options. I had the cured salmon and seabream, with a classic chocolate fondant to finish.

The tables and booths are all very well situated inside the chapel conversion just outside of Spitalfields market – not far from Liverpool Street and Brick Lane. If you fancy a cheaper dining option, then Galvin Bistro and Bar, the café which used to be called Galvin Hop, is just next door for a more informal meal.

Classic French Cuisine at Galvin La Chapelle. - The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch - Two Traveling Texans
Classic French Cuisine at Galvin La Chapelle.

Anisa’s thoughts: This French restaurant in Shoreditch sounds like a great option for a special occasion, I would love to try their set menu.

Check Tripadvisor reviews for Galvin La Chapelle here.

Viet Grill

Recommended by Allison from Eternal Arrival

Shoreditch is one of my favorite neighborhoods in London for a variety of reasons, one of the major ones being the huge plethora of cuisines you can eat there! While Brick Lane is famous for its Indian food, there are other areas of Shoreditch that specialize in other types of cuisine, too.

One of my favorite types of food in the world is Vietnamese food, and it’s actually quite hard for me to find decent Vietnamese food outside of California and Vietnam.  When I discovered Kingsland Road in Shoreditch, aka “Pho Mile” because of the delicious Vietnamese food served at its many restaurants, I was pleasantly surprised.

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The Hawker Plate at Viet Grill - The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch - Two Traveling Texans
The Hawker Plate at Viet Grill

I ate at “Viet Grill” and loved the experience — the décor was really nice and homey and the food was excellent quality, definitely up to my high standards for Vietnamese food! I got the “hawker plate” which included a Vietnamese-style grilled pork chop, rice, fried spring rolls, a fried egg, and daikon pickles.

The pho also looked amazing! The price range is moderate; we paid about 30 pounds each for dinner plus a bottle of wine shared between two people.

Anisa’s thoughts:  I haven’t tried any of the Vietnamese restaurants in Shoreditch yet, but pho is one of my favorite winter dishes.

Check Tripadvisor Reviews for Viet Grill here.


Recommended Megan from No Mean Feast

Smokestak is arguably one of London’s best BBQ restaurants, based in Shoreditch and a must visit for meat lovers. Having built up an impressive following from their days at Street Feast, this is their first proper restaurant. I recommend booking in advance and turning up hungry!

The main focus is on barbecued meat, cooked on a huge open fire/grill in front of you – there are some brilliant veggie plates too though.  I don’t think you can go wrong with much on their moderately priced menu but the standout dish for me was the ox cheek croquettes – they are something special and I’m yet to hear of anyone that hasn’t loved them.

You must try the ox cheek croquettes at Smokestak. - The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch
You must try the ox cheek croquettes at Smokestak.

Anisa’s thoughts: Being from Texas, I am a big BBQ fan but I have never tried ox cheek croquettes! Not something you would find at a BBQ restaurant in Texas.  I will have to try it.

Check Tripadvisor Reviews or Make a Reservation for Smokestak here.

MEATliquor (formerly called Meat Mission)

Sally from Life Loving

If you are after some proper comfort food in all its glory, it’s MEATliquor (formerly known as Meat Mission) Shoreditch all the way. The burgers are big and juicy, and the sides are the perfect accompaniment.

I’d highly recommend the Monkey Fingers, which are battered chicken tenders in a spicy buffalo sauce, served with blue cheese dip. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

It’s well-priced for London. A burger and a side will probably set you back just under £15, add in one of their cocktails for just shy of a tenner. They also have lunch specials during the week.

The venue is really quirky, it was a Christian Mission building and so has stained glass windows.

Enjoy some comfort food at Meat Mission. - The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch - Two Traveling Texans
Enjoy some comfort food at Meat Mission.

Anisa’s thoughts: I think MEATliquor makes the best burgers in Shoreditch or maybe even England.  Next time, I will have to try the Monkey Fingers.  MEATliquor is a great place for a casual dinner in Shoreditch, but I wish they would have kept the Meat Mission name.

Check Tripadvisor Reviews for MEATLiquor here.

DF Tacos (formerly called DF/Mexico)

Recommended by Milly from Mini Adventures

Bringing together American diner style with authentic Mexican flavors, DF/Mexico‘s menu is packed with delicious dishes served in generous portions.  The DF in its name stands for Mexico City’s Distrito Federal.

The self-service agua fresca drinks are a dream (top tip: mix 1/3 hibiscus with 2/3 lime), and the ingredients are fresh and not particularly heavy on the spice – there are sauces for that if you’re all about the hot stuff.

The burritos are delicious at DF/Mexico. - The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch - Two Traveling Texans
The burritos are delicious at DF/Mexico.

The style at this Mexican restaurant in Shoreditch is casual dining, and prices are great for those on a budget – a burrito and drink comes in at around £10. My recommended dish? Definitely a Steak Burrito with Red Pepper and Avocado Salsas.

Anisa’s thoughts: I’m excited to try another Mexican restaurant in London and this one has agua fresca drinks!

Check Tripadvisor reviews for DF/Mexico here.

Laxeiro Tapas Bar

Recommended by Michael from The World Was Here First

One of the best restaurants is to visit in Shoreditch is Laxeiro Tapas Bar, located on Columbia Road where the famous Sunday flower market takes place – a popular attraction for tourists in LondonLaxeiro is a family run restaurant, specializing in cuisine from the Galicia region of Spain.

Tapas from Laxeiro - The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch - Two Traveling Texans
Tapas from Laxeiro

I love visiting this restaurant as it has a fantastic laid back atmosphere, is moderately priced, and also has an extensive wine list. The tapas menu allows you to taste a variety of delicious dishes. Some of our favorites include gambas al ajillo (prawns in garlic & chili oil), chorizo con sidra (chorizo in cider) and patatas bravas (potatoes in tomato sauce).

Anisa’s thoughts: I do love tapas, so will have to check out this place when I visit the Columbia Road Market.

Check Tripadvisor Reviews for Laxeiro here.

Pizza Pilgrims

Recommended by Michelle from Mich Wanderlust

As the name suggests, Pizza Pilgrims is the place to go if you’re looking for a no-fuss, back-to-basics, Neapolitan pizza experience. The founders went on a 6-week trip through Italy to learn all they could about pizza, and it has certainly paid off. Not just for them, but for us enthusiastic consumers of pizza!

Pizza Pilgrims now has a grand total of 8 branches in the UK, with all but 1 located in London. The Shoreditch branch is just a few minutes’ walk from the Shoreditch High Street Overground station.

Their most popular pizzas are the classic Margherita (£6.85), the Nduja – a spicy sausage that looks like pate (£9.25), and the Portobello & Truffle (£10). Having tried the Portobello & Truffle, I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone – unless you really loathe mushrooms.

If you like mushrooms, you will love this pizza from Pizza Pilgrims. - The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch - Two Traveling Texans
If you like mushrooms, you will love this pizza from Pizza Pilgrims.

The pizzas here are fairly simple, with just a handful of toppings. You can always add extra toppings though (such as salami or prosciutto for £2.75 each). If you’re the kind of person who likes tons of stuff on your pizza, you might be disappointed. But the simpler the pizza, the less you can hide inferior ingredients. And here, the ingredients really shine through – including the pizza dough, which is given a whopping 48 hours to proof!

Anisa’s thoughts: I do love mushrooms but I think I will have to try the Nduja.  The sausage that looks like pate sounds really interesting. I can’t wait to try this pizza in Shoreditch.

Check Tripadvisor reviews for Pizza Pilgrims here.


Recommended by Anisa

Andina is a Peruvian-inspired restaurant that has a unique menu of small plates.  They also have some lovely pisco cocktails.  I loved the cantaloupe salad, but I think my favorite dish that we ordered was the corn souffle.  It came topped with ham and a poached egg.   We also had a vegetarian burger made from choclo corn, which I don’t think I had ever tried before.  To complete our meal, we had the pumpkin donuts for dessert.

The Cantaloupe Salad at Andina was unique and delicious. - The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch - Two Traveling Texans
The Cantaloupe Salad at Andina was unique and delicious.

Inside the restaurant is colorful and decorated with pictures from Peru.  We went for dinner, but Andina is also open for breakfast and lunch.  They have a few different branches, but the Andina restaurant in Shoreditch is located a few minutes from the Shoreditch High Street tube station.

Check Tripadvisor reviews for Andina here.

Brick Lane Beigel Bake

Clemens from Traveller’s Archive

In Shoreditch, there are two famous and long-established bagel shops called Brick Lane Beigel Bake and Beigel Shop.  They are located right next to each other and have been stealing each other’s customers for decades. Both shops make great tasting bagels and it’s a cheap dish.  My personal favorite is Brick Lane Beigel Bake. The line may be long, but it moves fast and they are open 24 hours.  My advice is to try the salted beef with pickled cucumber and mustard!

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Beigel Bake might not look like much, but you have got to try it for yourself! - The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch - Two Traveling Texans
Beigel Bake might not look like much, but you have got to try it for yourself!

Anisa’s thoughts: My cousin introduced me to this place years ago, it was my first experience eating in Shoreditch.  These bagel shops are an institution.  They are some of the best cheap eats in Shoreditch or even London for that matter.  I need to go back!

Check Tripadvisor reviews for Brick Lane Beigel Bake here.

Amazing Shoreditch Restaurants That Have Closed

Just for reference, here are some popular restaurants in Shoreditch that have sadly closed.

The Frog E1

Recommended by Seetal from Savlafaire

UPDATE: Unfortunately the Frog in Shoreditch has permanently closed.

The best way to describe the cuisine at The Frog E1 is modern British with an Asian accent (predominantly Japanese). Describing the décor is more challenging, as you enter via a greenhouse-like terrace before being greeted by an industrial East London interior, the walls of which are adorned with expensive-looking contemporary art. But this juxtaposition is part of its charm.

You must try the chicken butter at The Frog. - Best Restaurants in Shoreditch - Two Traveling Texans
You must try the chicken butter at The Frog.

The standout dish is undoubtedly the chicken butter: a smooth, generous quenelle of chicken-flavored whipped butter served with crushed chicken skin. It’s the Sunday roast experience in a bite. Prices are reasonable, ranging from £4 for snacks to £12 for meat and fish dishes, and a 5-course tasting menu is available at £50pp (vegetarian and vegan aren’t forgotten either).

Anisa’s thoughts: The Frog E1 sounds unique, the chicken butter sounds interesting.  I would love to try it!

Check Tripadvisor Reviews for the Frog here.


Recommended by Anisa

Update: Unfortunately Hopscotch is permenantly closed.

Hopscotch is an adorable little restaurant located on Brick Lane.  While many of the other restaurants on Brick Lane are Indian, I would describe Hopscotch’s cuisine as New American small plates.

A lot of creativity and top-notch fresh ingredients go into their dishes and they have some of the most unique food in Shoreditch.  I think the eggplant flatbread is the best eggplant dish I have ever hard, it just had so much flavor.  I also have to say that our waiter was friendly and the service we received was excellent.

The eggplant dish at Hopscotch was my favorite. - The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch - Two Traveling Texans
The eggplant dish at Hopscotch was my favorite.

We went for an early dinner and took advantage of their special where you get two select small plates plus a cocktail for £20 before 7 pm.  They also have a downstairs cocktail bar that is open until 1 am Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

Check Tripadvisor reviews for Hopscotch here.

Hoi Polloi

Recommended by Snita from Her Favourite Food

UPDATE: Unfortunately Hoi Polloi has permanently closed.

Hoi Polloi is a super classy restaurant located in the chic Ace Hotel, one of several boutique hotels in Shoreditch.  Brunch is the great time to dine here as their menu features some of their best dishes including avocado and chilli poached eggs, as well as bacon baked beans on sourdough toast.

Brunch at Hoi Polloi - The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch - Two Traveling Texans
Brunch at Hoi Polloi

What’s extra special is that there is also a live band playing in the middle of the restaurant, which instantly creates a relaxed feel to the venue.  The price range for Hoi Polloi is on the upper end of the scale, but still reasonable enough to justify spending a relaxed Sunday morning here.

Anisa’s thoughts: I love brunch especially when it includes avocado and it’s such a nice touch that they have a live band.

Check Tripadvisor reviews for Hoi Polloi here.

Cock and Bull (Tramshed)

Recommended by Marie from Eating Out

Update: Unfortunately Cock and Bull has permenantly closed.

The restaurant serves literally what its name says: chicken and beef. Located in a massive industrial space, which used to be a tram shed near Old Street stationCock and Bull is a must for meat lovers but also has a vegetarian/pescetarian menu.  You can never go wrong with steak, especially if washed down with a good wine! If you’re not a big eater, the fillet steak salad with scrumpy fried onions and horseradish is also a good go to (£14.95).

The whole chicken (£29.50) could be shared by 4-5 people.  They serve the whole chicken upright, and you can carve it yourself at the table or a waiter will do it. For small eaters, the Indian Rock chicken (£15.25) is really a yummy option – it will send giggles as it is served with feet and all nails intact.

The Indian Rock Chicken From Cock and Bull, served with feet and nails intact. - The Best Restaurant in Shoreditch - Two Traveling Texans
The Indian Rock Chicken From Cock and Bull, served with feet and nails intact.

Fun and cozy, the place has a great, relaxed atmosphere. They also a 12-seater private dining bar, where guests get to watch a menu cooked up by chef Mark Hix or one of his head chefs. And if you love art like me, the basement turned art gallery is a welcome surprise.

Anisa’s thoughts: I am not sure about the Indian chicken, but I do like a nice steak with some good wine.  The art gallery in the basement is a nice bonus.

Other Things to Do in Shoreditch

It’s not just the cool restaurants in Shoreditch, the area has a lot more going for it than that!  If you have some extra time while you are in Shoreditch, you might want to consider:

  • Taking a free street art tour.  The area has some of the best street art in London.
  • Doing some shopping! I love the quirky shops at the Boxpark and Spitalfields Market.  I still need to check out the Columbia Road Flower Market.
  • Checking out the nightlife.  There are plenty of options for places to spend your Saturday night in Shoreditch! Some of the most popular bars and nightclubs in London are located in Shoreditch including Cargo, XOYO, Queen of Hoxton, and the London Cocktail Club.
  • Visiting the Tower of London. The Tower is within walking distance from Shoreditch and should not be missed.

Check out this post if you are looking for more ideas of things to eat, drink and do around London.

How to Get to Shoreditch

There are a few different tube stations in the Shoreditch area.  Depending on what line is most convenient for you and where you are headed to in Shoreditch, you can choose from the following tube options:

  • Liverpool Street (Circle, Central, Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan, London Overground)
  • Shoreditch High Street (London Overground)
  • Aldgate East (District and Hammersmith & City lines)
  • Old Street (Northern Line)

The train we take from Norwich arrives into London Liverpool Street, so we usually just walk from Liverpool Street to Shoreditch.  Most places are a maximum of a 20-minute walk and Shoreditch is a fun area to explore by foot.

I definitely want to thank my fellow bloggers for their recommendations for good places to eat in Shoreditch, I can’t wait to try them.  Have you visited Shoreditch? Have you tried any of the restaurants I’ve included on my list? Let me know if there are other restaurants in Shoreditch that you think I should try.


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Expert Tips for Best Places to Eat in Shoreditch

  • I will add to this list of the best food in Shoreditch as I discover new restaurants.
  • Make a reservation, if possible, the top restaurants in Shoreditch are popular.
  • While you will find lots of nice restaurants in Shoreditch, you should also check out the street art, shopping, and nightlife in the area.

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