Anisa and Katherine enjoying dinner in St. Martin

Anisa and Katherine enjoying dinner in St. Martin

We are very excited that we are being featured on another great travel blog, Eat Sleep Love Travel!  It was really nice chatting with the site owner, Vicky.  She asked us some tough questions, which will help readers get to know us better.  You can find our interview here.

Vicky has been able to establish her own successful travel blog with her husband while they both work full time jobs.  Just like us, she likes to make sure her vacations are well planned out and she makes the most of them.  Since she lives in England, she does quite a bit of traveling throughout Europe.  This Friday, she is headed on an amazing trip to Hong Kong and Bali!

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While we were reading some of her blog posts, we began daydreaming about our next trips.  Her post about Budapest really made Katherine want to plan a trip there.  Anisa was inspired to go back to Italy to visit the Amalfi Coast.

Thanks again to Vicky for featuring us on her site.  Check out her blog when you get a chance to find more trip inspirations.

Anisa and Katherine