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Anisa and Katherine at Yankees Stadium - "Our 2017 Travel Wish List" - Two Traveling Texans
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It’s hard to believe 2016 is almost over.  While we may not have done so well with completing our 2016 Travel Wish Lists, it’s still been a great year for us with lots of travel. For 2017, these travel quotes have inspired us to do even better, so here are our picks for our 2017 travel wish list.


So I may have not made it to any of the places on my wish list from 2016, but I still had a great year with international trips to Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Hong Kong, and of course England.  In 2017, I will be returning to Spain again thanks to the Air Europa flights that I won at a Spanish Wine Tasting.  (I still can’t believe I won!) In addition, here are some places that are high up on my 2017 travel wish list.

    • Iceland – I know everyone has been talking about Iceland for a while, but I still haven’t gone even though it was on my list last year.  I am torn, I would prefer to go in the summer when the weather is nicer, but I would also like to see the northern lights.  I have made some planning progress though, I have a pinterest board full of ideas.
    • Peak District National Park, England – I was really impressed with my short visit to the Lake District in England this past summer, so one of the next places I would like to visit is the Peak District.  Like the Lake District, the area is a National Park and is a great place for hiking.  The natural scenery just looks stunning!

      The Lake District is just stunning. I loved it there, hoping the Peak District is just as nice. - "Our 2017 Travel Wish List" - Two Traveling Texans
      The Lake District is just stunning. I loved it there, hoping the Peak District is just as nice.
    • Portugal – I have been to most Western European countries, but have not made it to Portugal just yet and I have heard so many great things.  I would like to visit Lisbon and do a day trip to Sintra.  Plus, if time allows I would also like to visit Porto, it just seems like such a charming town.  Katherine also recommended that I visit some of the beaches in south Portugal like Tavira and Albufeira.  I also love Portuguese food, so would be nice to sample some from the source. There is so much to see, it might be best to do a Portugal Road Trip!


I was able to complete one of the destinations on my wish list last year:  Hungary.  That trip was an adventure!  I am so glad I got to go to the factory where my Herend china was made.  This year I qualified for a companion pass on Southwest Airlines so I am going to try to make use of that.  With that in mind, it may seem that my 2017 travel wish list is less adventurous this year, but I generally can find unique activities while on vacation.

    • Denver – I have already checked off eight baseball stadiums on my quest to visit all 30 Major League Baseball Stadiums and I definitely want to go to at least one new baseball park this year.  I was in Denver last summer, but the Rockies were not in town.  I would love to go back for a weekend and go to a game.  The ballpark is in town and it appears that there are some great bars where hopefully I can celebrate a Rockies victory!  Plus, a weekend escape from the Texas heat would be lovely.

      Anisa and Katherine at Yankees Stadium - "Our 2017 Travel Wish List" - Two Traveling Texans
      Anisa and Katherine at Yankees Stadium
    • Miami – I would love to go back to Miami.  South Beach is a fun area and I love looking at the art deco architecture.  I generally am not a fan of beaches in the United States, but Miami is an exception.
    • Marfa, Texas – I have always wanted to go to Marfa, Texas.  The problem is that the town is very inconveniently located – 190 miles east of El Paso.  It is quite a trek to fly to El Paso, rent a car, and then drive to Marfa.  Marfa is an art hub though and I found a unique hotel where we can stay in a tepee!  This will be happening in 2017!

Well, we better get to work on planning! What do you think of our picks? If you have any tips for us, we would love to hear them.  What is on your 2017 travel wish list?

-Anisa and Katherine


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