The great white way! Broadway is something that everyone should really experience while in New York City.  There are so many great options and new shows are always opening so I always have a long list of shows that I need to see.  Some people may find the price of the tickets very discouraging, but there are a few ways to save money on Broadway tickets that I thought I would share.  

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Some of the Broadway show that are currently playing - "How to Save Money on Broadway Tickets" - Two Traveling Texans

Some of the Broadway shows that are currently playing

It’s a good idea for you to research the different show options and narrow down the list to a few that you would like to see.  

  • Do you prefer plays or musicals? Comedies or dramas?
  • Are there any celebrities or actors that you really want to see?
  • Are you are bringing young children? If so, please make sure the shows you want to see are age appropriate.  

Personally, my favorites are the musical comedies.  My favorite show currently playing is Kinky Boots, but there are so many great ones!

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Note: Not all shows have discounts so if you have your heart set on seeing one like Book of Mormon, Hamilton, or Aladdin, you may have to pay full price and you should book far in advance.

The theater for Hamilton, the hottest ticket in town. No discounts are available. - "How to Save Money on Broadway Tickets" - Two Traveling Texans

The theater for Hamilton, the hottest ticket in town. No discounts are available.

Broadway Cost Saving Tips

1. Broadway Box

My favorite way to get Broadway tickets cheap is using a discount code from  Usually, there are several shows with discounts to choose from.  To get the best seats, you will need to plan ahead.  Go to the website and see if the show you are interested has a discount code available.   Then, if possible, go to the box office at the theater of the show you want to see to purchase the tickets so that you avoid the “convenience fees.”  This usually saves me around $10 per ticket.  If you can’t go to the theater, you can also use the discount code to purchase tickets online or over the phone.


You can visit a TKTS booth to get tickets 20%- 50% off regular price.  There are three locations: Time Square, South Street Seaport, and Downtown Brooklyn.  At South Street Seaport and Downtown Brooklyn, you can also get tickets for the next day matinee performances.   The inventory at each location is different and always changing, but you can get real-time information about what is available online or through the app.  The Broadway ticket kiosk in Times Square may have long lines, so it is best to go as early as possible. Of course, the problem is that the show you want may not be available.  To use TKTS, you need to be flexible and open to seeing different shows.  Most times I have used the TKT booth, I have gotten pretty good seats and saved 50%.  I wouldn’t recommend trying this with a large group because in some cases, they only have single seats.

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The madness that is the TKTs booth in Times Square. - "How to Save Money on Broadway Tickets" - Two Traveling Texans

The madness that is the TKTs booth in Times Square.

3. Lottery, Rush, and Standing Room Only Tickets

This can be a great way to get Broadway tickets really cheap, but of course, there is no guarantee you will get tickets.  Check the policy for the particular show that you are interested in but in general, it will require you to wait at the box office during the day.  Again depending on the show and it’s popularity, you may even need to wait for hours, but you will save significant dollars and you usually get pretty good seats.  

The Standing Room Only tickets are usually only available if the show sells out and do require you to stand the whole performance (2-3 hours),  The Standing Room Only area is usually located right behind the Orchestra seats (lower level of seats).  Personally, I have never bought Standing Room Only tickets, but Katherine did see Spamalot and she had a good view.  You should also know that some theaters will only accept cash for these tickets.  If you are interested, this website has a list of the Broadway shows and their policies for the day of the show tickets.

4. Free Clubs for Young Adults

There are free clubs for young adults that allow you to get really cheap Broadway tickets.  Since they are free, I recommend that you join if you meet the age requirements.  If you are under 35, you can join HIPTIX, which lets you purchase 2 tickets for shows produced by the Roundabout Theater Company for $25 each.  If you are under 30, you can join the 30 under 30 club, you can get 2 tickets for shows produced by Manhattan Theater Club for $30 each.  Again, these tickets (especially for popular shows) will go fast, so book as soon as you can. Both clubs also have parties for the members as well.  

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5. Groupon

Just like for other things, there are usually some Broadway shows that are running Groupon promotions.  This is a great way to save, but I do recommend planning ahead.  Currently (as of September 15th, 2017), you can find Groupons for Miss Saigon, Waitress, and NEWsical the Musical.  I have not seen  Miss Saigon, Waitress or NEWSical but honestly, it is hard to go wrong with a Broadway show especially if it is discounted!  To see if there are any new groupons for broadway shows click here.

You can see On Your Feet! with a Groupon - "How to Save Money on Broadway Tickets" - Two Traveling Texans

You could see On Your Feet! with a Groupon

There are so many good shows out there, what are your favorites? Now that you know where to find cheap Broadway tickets, you will be able to see more great shows! 



Expert Tips to Save Money on Broadway Tickets:


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