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I’ve always wanted to stay in a chateau in France, so I was excited that we had the opportunity to stay at Chateau de la Marjolaine during our trip to Aisne.  It was all that I imagined it would be.

Read my review of Chateau de la Marjolaine near Chateau-Thierry to learn more.

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room with red walls, chandelier, case of whisky (and other alcoholic drinks) and a piano
The Chateau de la Marjolaine has a lot of character.

About Chateau de la Marjolaine

Built in the 19th-century, the Chateau de la Marjolaine used to be the weekend home of the Sinel-Quincarlet family, who own the chic children’s clothing brand Petit Bateau.  It was purchased by Bruno Declercq and Jean-Pierre Coulon in 2008 and they spent eight painstaking years restoring it.

They kept the chateau’s layout and traditional feel, but added contemporary touches and their own eclectic style.  A covered swimming pool was also installed.

grand dark wood staircase in white entry hall at chateau de le marjolaine
The staircase in the entry of Chateau de la Marjolaine is gorgeous.

Chateau de la Marjolaine may be a three-star hotel, but it felt luxurious.   Since there was no reception desk, it was almost like we were invited guests of the chateau owner.

Check price and availability for Chateau de la Marjolaine here.

Location of Chateau de la Marjolaine

Tucked away down a narrow street in Essomes Sur Marne, France, you will find Chateau de la Marjolaine.  The closest reasonable-sized town is Chateau-Thierry just three miles to the north.  Paris is a little more than an hour’s drive away.

We spent the night at Chateau de la Marjolaine after we went to some of the World War I sites in Chateau-Thierry and did a tour at Champagne Pannier.  While you are in the area, you might also want to visit the birthplace of the illustrious writer, Jean de La Fontaine, which is now Musee Jean de la Fontaine.  There are also the medieval ruins of the Chateau de Chateau-Thierry.

grand gate with bushes around it.
The River Marne runs just on the other side of this gate.

The River Marne runs just behind the grounds of Chateau de la Marjolaine. At one point, we saw someone going for a swim in the river.  Alternatively, if the weather is pleasant it could be enjoyable to just walk alongside it.

If you want to do sightseeing while you stay at Chateau de la Marjolaine, it’s best to have a car.  Public transportation is limited and there is not much within walking distance.

Rooms at Chateau de la Marjolaine

The Chateau de la Marjolaine only has five guest rooms – three doubles and two suites – and each one is unique.  We stayed in the room at the front of the chateau with the large bay window.

our bedroom inside the chateau, large window with loveseat, bed, and chairs on the other wall. Large chandelier and nice carpets and wall paper
We loved our room at Chateau de la Marjolaine.

When we arrived we were greeted just outside the front door and given a tour of the room.  The first thing I noticed was how big and spacious the room was and then I started to notice and appreciate all the details.

Our bedroom had a double bed, a love seat by a large bay window, and additional chairs along another wall.  On the wall by the door there was a built-in bookshelf and the flat screen television.  Even with all the furniture there was still a lot of open space.

some interesting pottery and a few books on a shelf
Some of the special touches we found in our room.

Our bathroom was huge too.  It runs the whole length of the bedroom. In addition to your typical features like a sink and shower, we also had a sauna, small refrigerator, and luggage rack. 

The sauna was big enough for two people.  I have never had my own sauna in a hotel room, so we had to try it out after dinner.  It was simple to operate and a good way to relax after a busy day of sightseeing.

bathroom with decorative tile and wooden sauna
Our bathroom was huge and included a sauna.

The decor was eclectic and the room was filled with lots of special touches.  We didn’t just have a light, we had a chandelier.  I also liked the tilework in the bathroom and the artwork around the room.

The chateau also has free wifi and tea and coffee facilities in all the rooms.  I enjoyed the big cups they provided, which went well with the large old-fashioned room keys.

cute tea cups with a electric kettle
We enjoyed coffee and tea in our room at the Chateau de la Marjolaine.

Dining at Chateau de la Marjolaine

Chef Antonio Sanna heads up Château de la Marjolaine’s amazing French restaurant.  Their menu changes daily and is inspired by local ingredients. We enjoyed both dinner and breakfast at the restaurant.

rows of plants in a vegetable garden at chateau de la marjolaine
I imagine the restaurant gets some of its ingredients from the vegetable garden.

For our evening meal, the weather was pleasant so we decided to dine al fresco.  We chose a table looking out towards the gardens.  If you prefer, you could have your meal delivered to your room.

Our waiter told us about the dishes in the three-course menu and made sure we were ok with them.  Then, we decided to get a small bottle of wine.

Our first course was salmon, served chilled with an herb sauce.  It was plated beautifully and a refreshing way to start our meal.

pieces of salmon with a drops of a green sauce and lettuce garnish with a glass of water
This salmon dish was a delicious start to our meal.

The main course was pork served with rustic mashed potatoes, asparagus, carrot, and peas.  It also had fresh herbs that must have come from their own garden.

piece of pork tacked on top of a vegetables and potatoes with fresh herbs scattered around the plate
All the elements in this pork dish went together amazingly well.

Our dessert was a flourless chocolate cake with a mango filling.  It was creamy and rich and we both savored every bite.  Russell thought it was the best chocolate dessert he ever had.

chocolate dessert with yellow flower on top, scoop of white ice cream, and red meringue
We can’t say enough good things about this chocolate dessert.

Breakfast at Chateau de la Marjolaine is a more casual occasion.  We had a basket of bread waiting for us on our table by the window overlooking the gardens.  On the other side of the room, you could help yourself to pastries, yogurts, cereals, and more.  I should also mention they had quite an impressive tea selection.

table with red tablecloth set for breakfast next to a window looking out on the garden
We enjoyed our breakfast with a view.

It’s easy to see why their restaurant is one of the top ones in the region.

Other Amenities at Chateau de la Marjolaine

Chateau de la Marjolaine is a small hotel, but it still has some amenities (in addition to the first-rate restaurant) that you will appreciate.

The grounds are immaculate, so you will want to allow some time to walk around and enjoy it.  You can tell they spend a lot of time caring for the gardens.  When we visited everything was perfectly trimmed and there were lots of flowers in bloom.

view of the garden looking over a small lake
It was lovely to take a walk in the gardens of Chateau de la Marjolaine.

They also have a covered swimming pool which I would have loved to spend some time in if only I would have brought my swimsuit.  Since there aren’t that many rooms at the Chateau de la Marjolaine, the pool probably never gets crowded.

pool under a clear cover kind of like a tent with lounge chairs
They have a lovely covered swimming pool.

When you stay at Chateau de la Marjolaine, you will probably have a car, but there is no extra fee for parking.  You can use the small parking lot towards the west end of the property.

I should also mention that the service at Chateau de la Marjolaine is exceptional.  Not just at the restaurant, but at the hotel as well.  There is no reception desk, but whenever we needed anything there was someone right there to help.

white door with a lot of carvings in it and elaborate trim
Even the door to our room had lots of elaborate details.

Is Chateau de la Marjolaine worth it?

Yes.  I thought it would have been quite expensive to stay in a chateau in France, but Chateau de la Marjolaine is reasonably priced.  It’s a luxurious experience that you won’t soon forget.

Overall Review of Chateau de la Marjolaine

exterior of chateau de la marjolaine with tables and chairs in front along with orange umbrella that are down
We enjoyed our time at Chateau de la Marjolaine.

Our stay at Chateau de la Marjolaine exceeded our expectations.  We were impressed with the size of our room and loved the decor.  Our own personal sauna was definitely an unexpected bonus.

The meal that we had at the restaurant was also something special.  The food was exquisite and the setting was peaceful and relaxed.

This is not your typical hotel, it is a chateau with character and we felt privileged to stay there.  I’m sure you will enjoy your trip as much as we did.

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Check price and availability of Chateau de la Marjolaine here.


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Expert Tips for Staying at Chateau de la Marjolaine

  • Bring your swimsuit so you can enjoy the pool or even the river if you like wild swimming.
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