sThere is no more romantic and enchanting place in the world than Venice, Italy. The feeling of love is everywhere. From the streets to the canals to the buildings, there are romantic things to do in Venice. Everywhere you turn there is something new and special to discover, which makes it the perfect travel destination for couples.

Not only is Venice ultra-romantic but it is also stunning! Given that it ranks as one of the prettiest cities in Italy, amongst tons of stiff competition, it speaks volumes. If you are looking to fall in love with a city and deeper in love with your partner, Venice is the place to be.

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view of st marks square in venice through an arch

St Marks Square is the most popular area in Venice, but early in the morning, it can be pretty quiet.

Romantic Things to do in Venice for Couples

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling for a honeymoon, wedding anniversary, or just because! Venice is the city of love and the ideal place to spend a few days with your partner. The practical thing about visiting Venice is that it is a relatively small city, meaning you can explore it in a short amount of time.


With only one day in Venice, you can get a whirlwind ideal of the city and then travel to more Italian cities, or you can spend a few more days to delve deeper into its beauty and wonder. Regardless of the amount of time you visit, you will surely fall in love in more ways than one.  Here are a few suggestions for romantic things to do in Venice.

#1 Admire the views from Rialto Bridge

rialto bridge

Visiting the Rialto Bridge is a treat with your significant other.

Venice is a city made up of 150 canals which are to be navigated by numerous bridges throughout the city. Amongst those bridges is one very famous and spectacular bridge called Rialto Bridge. The bridge is made of stone and is one of only four that cross the largest canal in the city called the Grand Canal.

A walk across the ornate white stone bridge offers some of the most beautiful views of Venice and is a very romantic experience. From every stair and each side of the bridge, you can overlook the blue water canal full of authentic gondolas slowly moving along. There is nothing better than sharing a special moment with your partner where you feel like the only two people in the world. Views this magical don’t come along often and when they do it is best to soak them in.

#2 Explore Venice early in the morning

Venice is an extremely popular city for tourists. As a result, the streets become packed with people by midday, which in turn can make explore a little less enjoyable. The best way to combat this is by heading out onto the streets of Venice early in the morning and explore while there are fewer people around. Not only is this a great idea for seeing Venice with fewer people, but it is also significantly more romantic.

The streets in the early morning are quiet and empty, making the city feel like it is all yours! It is perfect for exploring and sneaking in a few kisses while no one is around to see. You can also use this time to explore some of the more popular attractions like the Rialto bridge before it becomes full of people. Plus, if you are up early enough you can catch the pink skies as the sun begins to rise.

#3 Escape to colorful Burano

colorful houses and canal in Burano Italy

The colorful houses in Burano make it feel like you are walking through a fairytale.

Italy is a country full of colorful cities that look more like something from a fairy-tale than actual places. There are many famous colorful places in Italy along the Amalfi Coast and beyond, and there is even one just a short distance from Venice called Burano.

Burano is a small fisherman’s village full of insanely vivid buildings! It is the perfect place to visit as a couple to escape the craziness of Venice and to enjoy a quieter and less touristy destination. Burano is full of restaurants and eateries that are ideal for couples wanting to enjoy an amazing Italian meal in a less hectic atmosphere.

To get here you will have to take a Vaporetto from Venice to Burano which takes around 45 minutes and costs €6.50 per person.  Alternatively, it may be worth it to buy a day pass.

#4 Take a gondola ride for two

gondolas about to go under the bridge of sighs in Venice

You must do a gondola ride in Venice!

Nothing in the world is more romantic than taking a gondola ride for two in the city of Venice. Gondolas are iconic in Venice and paying for a ride is something you have to do!  With this, you get to glide through the canals of Venice and see the city from a unique and enticing angle. Spending the time with your partner enjoying the beauty and magic of Venice by water is something you will always remember.

Although gondola rides are expensive in Venice – 80 euros for 30 minutes, and 120 euros for 30 minutes at night. The cost is well worth the experience, it’s probably the most romantic thing you can do in Venice. For a little extra you can even have your gondolier sing for you!

#5 Enjoy lunch with a view

scenic canal in venice

Dining outside along one of the canals is such a romantic experience.

What is a better combination than a beautiful city, the person you love, and Italian food? Nothing! In Venice, you can have just this by choosing to go for a nice lunch with a view of the city. There are a ton of restaurants scattered along the canal sides just waiting for visitors to sit and enjoy the stunning offerings.

By simply strolling around the city you are sure to find at least one restaurant that looks locally owned and spend an hour or so enjoying each other’s company and relaying the day’s adventures.  Ristorante alla Fontana by the Canal de Cannaregio is a lovely option for dining in a quiet area along a canal.

#6 Eat a sweet treat

gelato in venice

The gelato seems to taste extra sweet in Venice.

You can’t go to Italy with your partner and not enjoy the sweet taste of fresh gelato. There are gelato shops everywhere in Venice which makes finding delicious gelato very easy and accessible. It almost is like a movie scene with colorful buildings, bustling streets, and melting ice cream in your hand.

#7 Have a romantic drink at The Gritti Palace

gritti palace in venice

Enjoy a cocktail at the luxurious Gritti Palace in Venice.

The Gritti Palace is one of the nicest hotels in Venice. Usually, it is out of most people’s budget for accommodation, but visitors are welcome to enjoy their canal-side restaurant to soak in some of its remarkable beauty. The views from the restaurant are amazing, with the stunning canal full of boats and the white church in the distance.

This is a more sophisticated place to get a drink in Venice and a fancier attire is suggested. The high-end, classy feel makes it super romantic and the perfect place to have a drink. Whether you prefer wine or a cocktail they have it all, and once you get your drink you can enjoy the stunning views or both Venice and your partner.

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#8 Get Tipsy on a Wine Tour

There is no better place to go on a wine tour than in Italy, so why not Venice! Everyone knows Italy makes some of the best wine in the world and tasting it from the source is always a great idea while you are in the city. There are plenty of wine tours to join which will let you sample different wines from different regions and tell you a little bit about them. With this adventure, you can feel the romance of Italy and get a little tipsy along the way.



#9 Admire the views from T Fondaco Rooftop Terrace

view from T Fondaco Rooftop

The stunning views make the T Fondaco Rooftop one of the most romantic places in Venice.

The rooftop terrace at T Fondaco is one of the lesser-known things to do in Venice but offers a ton of beauty! There are a few places to visit in Venice that offer rooftop views, however, this one at T Fondaco is where to go. From up here, you get a beautiful view of the Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, and much of Venice. It is the ideal place to stand hand in hand with your partner while enjoying all of Venice.

#10 Share in Amazement at St. Marks Basilica

st marks basilica in venice at night

St. Marks Basilica looks amazing at night especially when the tide is in.

St. Mark’s Basilica is one of the most magical and magnificent landmarks in Venice. It is a huge church designed in Italo-Byzantine architecture with a white exterior and stunning ornate detailing. This is one of the most mesmerizing pieces of architecture you will likely ever see, so witnessing it with your partner is the best way to do it. From the outside, you will be in shock of its grandeur, and luckily you can also go into.

Going inside the Basilica is well worth it.  At the most famous church in Venice, you can admire the Byzantine mosaics dating from 11th to the 13th centuries.  Basilica San Marco also houses the relics of the apostle Saint Mark and the beautiful Pala d’Oro, a golden altarpiece decorated with priceless jewels.

You may have to wait in line to go inside but it is free to enter.  Alternatively, you can skip the line with this tour.

#11 Watch the sunset at Accademia Bridge

Accademia Bridge is the most popular sunset spot in Venice. Every day it welcomes a ton of people eager to watch the sunset behind Madonna della Salute church. Venice is a pretty flat city so finding a place to watch the sunset takes some thought. If you want to see the most iconic and magical sunset in the city, this is the spot!

The wooden bridge is full of people come sunset, so be sure to get here early so you can enjoy the views in your own space and with no one in the way.

view of the grand canal in Venice at night

Whether it’s going on a gondola ride or just taking in the scenery, romance is definitely in the air in Venice

Romantic Trip to Venice

Is Venice romantic? Yes, everywhere you turn there are romantic spots to discover!  Now you can see why Venice is a popular destination for couples.  Whether you are honeymooning or trying to rekindle your relationship, Venice offers a special atmosphere where the love flows.

What are your favorite romantic things to do in Venice?

– Samantha

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Expert Tips for a Romantic Time in Venice

  • Wake up early to explore.
  • Get a hotel anywhere in Venice, its a small city so you can walk everywhere.
  • If you are visiting in summer prepare for some very hot days.
  • Expect to get lost and just go with the flow.

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