Barcelona or Madrid – Which is the Best City to Visit?

royal palace in madrid
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If you want to visit Spain but don’t have much time, it will be a difficult decision to choose to visit either Barcelona or Madrid. Madrid is Spain’s capital, known for its museums, food, and nightlife. Barcelona is much smaller, yet more popular with tourists because of its connection to Gaudi.

Ideally, you would visit both, but if you have to pick one how do you decide? Or maybe you will visit both but want to know which one you should spend more time in?

It’s best to do a comparison of the two cities side by side. Consider the pros and cons of each. Both are wonderful cities so in reality there is no bad choice, but which one is best for you?

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madrid football stadium
Santiago Bernabéu Stadium where Real Madrid plays their games.

Madrid vs. Barcelona

It sounds like a high stakes football (soccer) game. When they play each other it is called El Classico. There is a rivalry between the two largest cities in Spain. I’m not going to weigh in on who I think should win the next match.  Instead, let’s take a closer look and figure out which one is best when it comes to travel – Madrid or Barcelona.

Flight Options

Both Barcelona and Madrid have plenty of flight options from the USA (and Europe for that matter). They each have major airports with low-cost carriers including Ryanair. One is not necessarily cheaper to fly into than the other, it’s best to be on the lookout for flight deals.

inside Madrid Airport
Madrid’s airport has a strikingly modern design.

Both airports are clean, modern, and efficient. It’s also easy to get from the airports to the city center. From the El Prat (BCN) airport, we took the Barcelona Aerobus. At Adolfo Suarez (MAD) there are public transportation options including a train and Exprés Aeropuerto bus. Taxis take roughly a half-hour from the curbside to a central hotel and both cities have Uber.

Winner: Tie

Things to Do

Both Barcelona and Madrid have plenty of attractions to keep visitors entertained. Museums, castles, parks, cathedrals, markets, shows, and more. Everyone can find something that fits their interests in either city.

In Barcelona, some of the top attractions include:

  • La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece. Gaudi fans will also enjoy Park Guell, Casa Batlló, and more.
  • Interesting museums like the Picasso Museum, Barcelona City History Museum, and Museu Nacional D’Art de Catalunya.
  • La Boqueria Market, a foodie’s paradise.
  • Poble Espanyol, a neighborhood created for the 1929 World Fair with 117 buildings that are replicas of Spanish architecture from the 15 regions of the country.
la sagrada familia in Barcelona
Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, is something you must see in person for yourself.

Some of the best things to do in Madrid are:

  • Tour the Royal Palace of Madrid
  • Visit one of the over 40 museums in Madrid, including the Museo Nacional del Prado, theThyssen-Bornemisza Museum, and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
  • See the only piece of Egyptian architecture in all of Spain, the Temple of Debod
  • Relax in El Retiro Park (Don’t miss the iconic Crystal Palace and the picturesque boating lake)
  • Enjoy the people watching at Plaza Mayor
Temple of Debod
The best time to visit the Temple of Debod is sunset.

It’s tough to say which city has better tourist sights because they both have many exciting options that are all different. I think the place that gets my vote is Barcelona, mainly because La Sagrada Familia is unique and a work of art.

Winner: Barcelona


Both cities have spectacular architecture, arguably some of the best in Europe. Madrid has preserved the look and feel of many of its historic neighborhoods and streets, even though its infrastructure is modern. Take the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Royal Theatre, the National Library, and the Prado Museum as examples. More recently a few modern skyscrapers like the Gates of Europe and Ciudad BBVA have been built.

In Barcelona, I fell in love with Gaudi’s architecture. It has a fairy-tale or almost magical feel to it. He was inspired by nature and his designs were far ahead of his time. In recent years, seven of his works were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

gaudi's casa batllo in barcelona
As soon as you spot Casa Battló you know it is one of Gaudi’s buildings.

In addition to Gaudi’s works, Barcelona has some fine examples of Southern European Gothic style in the aptly named Gothic Quarter area. It also has some strikingly contemporary buildings as well, including the Torre Diagonal and Museu Disseny de Barcelona.

Winner: Barcelona


Both cities have world-class art museums. Madrid has the Golden Triangle of Art that includes three of Spain’s most famous art museums: the Prado, the modern art of the Reina Sofia, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza. It also has some outdoor sculptures that are worth seeing including the 20-ton bronze statue of a bear and a strawberry tree called El Oso y El Madroño in Puerta del Sol.

prado museum in madrid
The Prado Museum is one of the top art museums in the world.

Barcelona is not short on art museums, with the Picasso Museum being the most popular. It’s one of the largest collections of the artist’s early works. Other options include Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, and European Museum of Modern Art.  If you want to visit the art museums in Barcelona, think about buying the Articket, which can save you 50% on admission.

Some of Gaudi’s creations also include impressive artwork, like the lizard sculpture at Park Guell and the facades of La Sagrada Familia. On Barcelona’s seafront, there is the eye-catching fish sculpture by Frank Gehry.

Even though Barcelona has a lot to offer art lovers, Madrid is the clear winner here. It is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to art museums.

Winner: Madrid


Spain is famous for its tapas, jamon, chorizo, paella, and wine. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. While I think my favorite Spanish city for food is San Sebastian with its delectable pintxos, Madrid and Barcelona also have an abundance of fabulous restaurants and some impressive food markets too.

slicing off a piece of jamon
Jamon is one of my favorite things to eat in Spain.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Botín in the old town of Madrid is the oldest restaurant in the world! Barcelona may not have eateries as historic as Madrid, but it does have more Michelin-starred restaurants. The prices for food tends to be higher in Barcelona because there are more tourists.

Since Madrid is located inland, its traditional dishes tend to be on the heartier side, while Barcelona is on the coast with access to the freshest seafood. Vegetarians will find the most options in Barcelona.

plates of various spanish tapas
So many tapas, so little time

In Madrid, it’s also not unusual for a bar to offer some kind of small tapas for free with every drink order. It is typically just bar snacks, but some may offer a slice of tortilla or even a small bowl of paella.

I think the only way you can go wrong with food in these two cities is looking for a restaurant serving dinner before 8 pm. The Spanish eat dinner late!

Winner: Tie


food at la boqueria market in barcelona
Be sure to go hungry when you visit a Spanish market like La Boqueria in Barcelona.

Both cities have some wonderful markets where they sell fresh food and local specialties. In Barcelona, the largest is La Boqueria and in Madrid, there is Mercado de San Miguel. Both are popular with tourists and offer a wide variety of things to try. It’s tough to choose a winner here because both markets are worth a visit, but since La Boqueria is bigger, I will go with that one.

Winner: Barcelona

Day Trips

Both Barcelona and Madrid are conveniently located to allow visitors to discover more of Spain. It’s one of the reasons why you should plan on spending more than just a weekend when visiting either city.

From Barcelona, it’s possible to venture to see mountains, beaches, museums, ruins, monasteries, wine regions, and lovely villages. The easiest excursion from Barcelona is probably Montserrat where you can see the famous Black Madonna inside the Basilica. Other popular options for day trips from Barcelona include Girona, Sitges, and Tarragona. You can also visit the Poblet Monastery which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Girona is one of the most popular day trips from Barcelona.

From Madrid you can travel to one of Spain’s UNESCO World Heritage Cities – Toledo, Segovia, Ávila, or Córdoba. If you want to escape to nature, plan a day to explore Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. Another day trip option is Buitrago de Lozoya, where there is a castle, a gothic church, and a Picasso Museum.

Toledo is one of many easy options for day trips from Madrid.

Winner: Madrid


Both cities are known for their nightlife with parties that often end after the sun comes up. These Spanish cities know how to show you a fun night out. There are plenty of nightclubs to choose from but they don’t get going until late.

glasses of different cocktails on the bar
You won’t have any issues finding a place to get a drink in either city.

Keep your eyes open and you won’t have any trouble finding a bar in Madrid or Barcelona. Each neighborhood has its own style and atmosphere. Madrid may have more (bigger) mega-clubs (like La Riveria and Kapital), but it doesn’t have any beach-front clubs like Barcelona.

Winner: Madrid


Those who would like to visit the beach during their vacation should choose Barcelona since Madrid is nearly 200 miles from the sea. Inside Madrid Rio, there is Madrid Beach where you can swim and get some sun by the river.

Barcelona is on the coast with miles of beaches. The most popular beach is Barceloneta, which can be crowded and dirty. It is worth it to journey a bit outside the city to go to the beaches in Sitges.

beach in Barcelona
There are several beach options when visiting Barcelona, including some in the city.

The best beaches in Spain are not located in Barcelona or Madrid. For a beach-focused vacation, it might be better to go to San Sebastian, Andalusia, or one of the Balearic Islands. If you want to visit one of Spain’s largest cities and also have some time at the beach, Barcelona fits the bill.
Winner: Barcelona


For much of the year, both cities have lovely weather. Madrid can be cold in the winter and uncomfortably hot at the peak of summer. Barcelona’s proximity to the Mediterranean gives it slightly cooler summers than Madrid. Its winters are also milder.

Winner: Barcelona


Neither city is known as a popular destination for kids. There are no major attractions aimed at children, but both Madrid and Barcelona have parks worth visiting, whether or not you have children.

In Madrid, one of it’s largest parks, El Retiro Park, has a lake where rowboats are available to rent. At Retiro Pond, many puppet shows perform, and all manner of street performers and fortune-tellers. For children, there are multiple playground areas as well as ponds throughout the park The inside of the Palacio de Cristal has been modified to include a stone slide.

view of park guell in Barcelona
The buildings in Park Guell remind me of the houses in fairytales.

In Barcelona, there is Park Guell. It may not be Disneyland but it feels like something out of Hansel and Gretel, so the kids will want to explore it. The whole family will enjoy the magic fountain light show at Montjüic. There is also a cable car there that offers stunning views of the city. Lastly, the family can always spend a day at the beach.

Winner: Barcelona

Ease of Getting Around

Both cities have effective and affordable public transportation systems. Even with my basic Spanish, I did not have trouble navigating either subway system. Madrid’s metro may be slightly better in terms of cleanliness, reliability, and efficiency. Both cities have plenty of buses and taxis.

sign for madrid metro stop plaza de espana
It easy to use the public transportation in both Madrid and Barcelona.

Despite their sizes, both cities are very walkable. Many of the top attractions are located close to the city center, so you won’t need to rely too much on public transportation anyway.

Winner: Madrid


In general, both Madrid and Barcelona are safe cities. There are issues with pickpockets in touristy areas though. It’s important to keep your guard up and make sure any valuables are hidden and protected.

protest for catalonian independence in barcelona
There have been protests for Catalonian Independence in Barcelona in recent years.

In recent years, there has been some political unrest in Barcelona because of the Catalonian Independence movement. For the most part, these protests have been peaceful, although there have been issues with access to BCN airport at times. While things remain calm at the moment, the issue is not resolved and could flare up again.

Winner: Madrid


Both cities have made progress in becoming more accessible, but like most of the world, there is still a ways to go. While many of the top attractions are accessible, there are still issues, especially with some restaurants where they have not made bathrooms that can accommodate people with disabilities. Also, not all metro stations have elevators.

Winner: Tie

Value for Money

Out of the two cities, Barcelona is more popular with tourists which tends to keep prices high, still it is not as expensive as some other European cities like London. Madrid is cheaper especially when it comes to hotels, which offer excellent value.

statue in Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor is the center of Madrid can be a good spot for people-watching.

There are plenty of things to do in either city for those on a budget. Many of the museums offer free admissions on certain days. Barcelona’s gothic churches also have free hours, while Madrid’s Cathedral and Iglesia de San Andres are always free.

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Another way to stretch your travel budget is to buy a city pass. Both cities have several options. Barcelona has the Go City Barcelona Pass, Barcelona City Pass, Turbo Pass Barcelona, Hola Barcelona Card, and the Barcelona Card. Madrid has the Madrid Card, Go Madrid, and Madrid City Pass.

Winner: Madrid

Overall Winner: Madrid or Barcelona?

The National Museum of Art of Catalunya in Barcelona
Barcelona has much more to offer than just Gaudi, like the National Museum of Art of Catalunya.

This is a tough one! While I love both cities, if I could only visit one it would be Barcelona. Gaudi’s architecture is special and it makes the city feel different than any other one that I have visited.  Plus, there is more to Barcelona than just Gaudi.

If you have enough time, I definitely recommend trying to fit both cities into the trip. You could fly into one, then either fly or take the high-speed train to the other, then fly home from there.

Have you been to Barcelona or Madrid? Which city was your favorite?


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Expert Tips for Choosing Between Barcelona and Madrid

  • If you are on a tight budget, your money will go further in Madrid.
  • Both cities have many interesting tourist attractions, but Gaudi’s architecture is in Barcelona.
  • Each city has some amazing day trips so make sure you allow time to do at least one.

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