Met vs MOMA: Which NYC Museum is Best?

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When it comes to the Met vs MOMA you can’t go wrong.  Both the Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Modern Art are simply fantastic! Having wandered through their galleries numerous times, I can’t help but encourage you to experience them too.

Now, I understand the struggle of squeezing everything into a jam-packed itinerary, especially especially on your first trip to NYC. You may be forced to pick just one of these museums.  Let me be your guide as we explore the differences between the Met and MOMA, and make your decision a tad easier.

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Rodin's work at the Met - "Met vs MOMA: Which Museum is Best?" - Two Traveling Texans
Rodin’s work at the Met

Met or MOMA?

Since there is so much to see when you visit NYC, you might not have time to visit more than one art museum.  It can be hard to choose which one to prioritize when there are several world-class options to chose from. 

In this post, let’s focus on picking between MOMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Permanent Collection

The permanent collections of these two NYC art museums overlap a bit, but the Met’s is much bigger and diverse.

At MOMA, modern and contemporary art take center stage, and let me tell you, they excel at it!  Since the building has less than half the square footage of The Met, seeing all the art galleries inside MOMA in one visit is doable, but you will probably need at least four hours.

It’s hard to say what the best Met art section is because there are so many great ones. The Met art galleries have such a broad range of pieces from ancient Egypt, to Medieval Art, to European Art, Modern Art, and more.  I don’t think it is possible to see everything at the Met in one visit, probably not even in two.  I keep finding new areas that I hadn’t seen on previous visits.

If you want to cover as much of the Met collection as you can in one visit consider taking a tour.  Maybe something light-hearted but informative, like the Twisted Metropolitan Museum of Art Tour: Scandals & Secrets of the Masterpieces.

Based on the variety and size of the collection, the Met wins here hands down.

Winner: Met

Russell at the Temple of Dendur in the Met. - "Met vs MOMA: Which Museum is Best?" - Two Traveling Texans
Russell at the Temple of Dendur in the Met.


The difference between MOMA and the Met is symbolized by their buildings.  As you would expect, MOMA is in a newer building that opened in 2004 which is fitting for a modern art museum.  The building blends in with other buildings in midtown and if it weren’t for the large sign outside you might not even expect that there is a museum inside.

The Met, however, is housed in an iconic building that opened to the public in 1880!  It has now expanded to cover more than 2 million square feet.  Like I learned on my When Harry Met Seinfeld tour, the famous steps outside have been part of many TV shows and movies like Gossip Girl and Hitch.  The Met is also home to the Met Gala, also known as the Superbowl of Fashion, which is held on the first Monday of May each year.

Winner: Met

Modern Art

My favorite type of art is modern so I prefer to go to museums with that focus.  Obviously, MOMA focuses on modern art, the whole building is filled with just modern art. 

When you go to MOMA, you will see their impressive collection including works by Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh and Warhol to name a few.  I also enjoy the contemporary art at MOMA.  

Before I visited the Met, I thought the focus was more on Egyptian and classical pieces, but I should say I was also impressed with the collection of modern art at the Met.  They also have pieces by Picasso, Monet, and Van Gogh, plus they have a nice collection from my favorite artist, Rodin, and more.   

Note: If you want to see some contemporary photography, consider checking out Fotografiska, it opened in 2019.

Winner: MOMA

Special Exhibits

Both museums have excellent special exhibits, that are constantly changing.  Probably the most well-known special exhibit was the Rain Room at MOMA.  Unfortunately, I never got to see the exhibit because the lines were always so long!

China in the Looking Glass Exhibit at the Met - "Met vs MOMA: Which Museum is Best?" - Two Traveling Texans
China in the Looking Glass Exhibit at the Met

I have fond memories of several of the special exhibits I went to.  I enjoyed the Tim Burton exhibit at MOMA, it was an interesting insight into his thinking and his life.  At the Met, I enjoyed the China Through the Looking Glass Exhibit, which showed some of the Asian influence in fashion.

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Winner: MOMA

Outdoor Space

In Manhattan, outdoor space is precious and both museums have it.  MOMA has a sculpture garden that is open year around.  One summer I attended the MOMA party in the garden and it was a lot of fun.  It’s also a great spot for photos when the weather is nice.

The Met has a rooftop that is open in during the warmer weather months. (May through late fall, weather permitting).    Since the Met is located on the edge of Central Park, the view of the park and the midtown skyline is definitely Instagram-worthy.  The Met Rooftop has a different art exhibit each year.   

The Met Rooftop is open Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 8:30 p.m.  If you are visiting the Met during the Summer make sure you save time to check out the roof.

In 2022, they launched free live music at the Met Rooftop Bar on Friday and Saturday evening, making it the perfect date night out in New York City.

Winner: Met

The MOMA sculpture garden covered in snow! - "Met vs MOMA: Which Museum is Best?" - Two Traveling Texans
The MOMA sculpture garden covered in snow!

Museum Dining Options

You can find some great food options at either MOMA or the Met.

MOMA features several dining options including The Modern, a contemporary American fine-dining restaurant that holds two Michelin stars, and museum cafés, Cafe 2 and the Terrace Cafe on Floor 6. You can dine outside at the Terrace Cafe weather permitting.

The museum cafes are for museum guests only and do not accept reservations. You do not need to be a museum guest to go to the Modern, it is pricey though.   The Modern does take reservations.

I have eaten at the MOMA cafe on the 2nd floor a few times and always enjoyed it.  I think next time I go if the weather is nice,  I will have to try the Terrace Cafe.

Given the museum’s location in Midtown, there are also several cafes near MOMA that you could go to for lunch.  I like La Bonne Soupe and PizzaArte on 55th St between 5th and 6th Avenues.  If you are in the mood for a burger and crazy shake, Black Tap on 55th is also pretty close.  On the weekends, I love Rue 57 for brunch near MOMA.

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Anisa and Russell on the Met Rooftop with midtown Manhattan in the background. - - "Met vs MOMA: Which Museum is Best?" - Two Traveling Texans
Anisa and Russell on the Met Rooftop with midtown Manhattan in the background.

The Met has several dining options too.  The Dining Room at the Met is the fine dining option.  Even though it is located inside the museum overlooking Central Park, you don’t have to purchase admission to the museum to dine there.  They have participated in Restaurant Week, so that could be a could time to try it.  

They also have several casual options including the Balcony Lounge, The Petrie Court Café, The American Wing Café, and the Cafeteria.  You can also get light bites at the Rooftop.

Winner: MOMA


If you are bringing kids along with you, you may wonder which museum is best for kids. 

Luckily, both the Metropolitan Museum of Art and MOMA have special programs for young visitors to keep them interested.  I think kids would be most excited about the Egyptian section of the Met.  Walking through the Temple of Dendur will make them feel like they have been transported to ancient Egypt!

Winner: The Met

Museum App

Both the Met and MOMA have mobile apps supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies that you can download on your phone for free. 

The MOMA app was recently simplified and is now more like an audio guide where you can get more information about the artwork you are seeing.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art App is more comprehensive and includes maps, information about events, a link to buy tickets, and a section for Met Museum members.  Information about the Met Cloisters is also included in the Met Museum app.

Winner: The Met

The Met was pretty quiet after dark. - "Met vs MOMA: Which Museum is Best?" - Two Traveling Texans
The Met was pretty quiet after dark.

Museum Opening Hours

NYC MOMA is open seven days a week from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.  During the summer, they are open until 9 pm Thursday-Saturday.  

The Met is open 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Sunday through Thursday and from 10 am – 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.  They are closed on Wednesdays.

So during the summer, MOMA has better hours, but the rest of the year, the Met has better hours during the weekends.

Both museums are popular so the best time to go will be during the week in the mornings.  Since MOMA is a smaller museum, it will feel more crowded than the Met.  When the weather is bad, the crowds will be bigger at both museums. 

Winner: Tie

Anisa at MOMA - - "Met vs MOMA: Which Museum is Best?" - Two Traveling Texans
Anisa at MOMA


Both museums are located in Manhattan. 

The MOMA Museum New York is conveniently located at 11 West 53rd Street in Midtown, only a block from the 53rd street stop on the E and M subway line.  Alternatively, Times Square or Grand Central to MOMA is about a 15 minute walk. 

The Met is located at 1000 5th Avenue on the Upper East Side at the edge of Central Park.  You will most likely need to take the 4,5, or 6 subway to 86th Street and walk 15 minutes or take the bus.  If you want to also visit the Met Cloisters, it is located in Fort Tryon Park which is in the very northern part of Manhattan.  It takes about 40 minutes to travel between these two museums using the subway.

Winner: MOMA



Below is a comparison of the regular admission prices as of 12/13/22.

Adults $30 $25
Seniors $17 $18
Students $12 $14 (full-time with ID)
Children Free for 12 and under Free for 16 and under

At face value, the prices look pretty similar.  However, the regular admission price for the MET is the amount you will pay (plus a $1 fee per ticket) if you buy your ticket online.  

The Met used to have a “pay as you wish” admission policy but since March 2018 only New York State residents and students from the tristate area (NY, NJ & Connecticut) can pay a different price. 

Visitors from outside New York will be required to pay mandatory admissions but entry for children under 12 will remain free. Your full-priced admissions tickets would give you access to both Met locations (Met and Met Cloisters) for the day.  The Met Cloisters are only open Tuesdays through Thursdays. 

Note: Unfortunately, the Met Breuer is now permanently closed.

The MOMA entrance fee is fixed and not a recommended price.  It’s best to purchase the timed-entry tickets in advance here to skip the line.

On the first Friday of each month, 4:00 pm–8:00 pm (and until 9:00 pm July 1–September 2), admission to MOMA is free to NYC residents thanks to UNIQLO! If you want to go to a MOMA free Friday, you must reserve tickets one week in advance.

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MOMA also has different combination passes with other attractions that will save you money.  While the RockMOMA ticket which saves you $7 on admission to MOMA and the Top of the Rock Observation Deck has been paused as of December 2022, you can find a few other options here.  

Additionally, MOMA is part of the New York Pass which includes admission to more than Attractions in New York (Click here to see all the attractions included).  It is also included in the New York Sightseeing pass which is another option.  The Met is no longer included in any of NYC attraction passes, but they can still be a great way to save money sightseeing in New York City!

Winner: MOMA (except for those that can still get the pay as you wish tickets)

Jackson Pollack at the Met. - "Met vs MOMA: Which Museum is Best?" - Two Traveling Texans
Jackson Pollack at the Met.

Overall: MOMA vs Met?

For me it’s a hard choice, I love MOMA because my favorite type of art is modern, but the MET has so much to offer.  Either one is a fabulous place to spend a day – especially in the winter in NYC when it is freezing.

Ideally, you would visit both MOMA and the Met, but I know it’s not always possible.  I want to hear your thoughts, the Metropolitan Museum of Art or MOMA, which one would you choose?


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Expert Tips For Choosing Between Met and MOMA

  • Visit both the Met and MOMA if you have time! Save on tickets to both here.
  • Take advantage of the suggested admission prices at the Met if you are eligible for it.  Be sure to buy your tickets at the museum and not online
  • If you are visiting NYC and want to see several attractions, you can save money by purchasing the New York Pass, New York Sightseeing Pass, or New York CityPass.

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